West Coast Hawaii Travel Deals for Summer

April 6, 2012

Well we are already in April which means one thing, Summer is just around the corner. With Summer that means family vacations and higher airfare prices especially if you want to travel to Hawaii. For those looking for cheap Hawaii vacations for this Summer you are in luck because some of the major airlines are offering some pretty good deals that you need to check out quickly before they sell out completely.

If you live in Portland Alaska Airlines is having a Summer fare special of $554 for roundtrip airfare to Oahu. If you looks at other airlines from Portland to Oahu for the Summer dates you will see the fares are usually in the $600 range. If you are traveling from the Bay Area (Oakland or San Jose) Hawaiian Airlines is offering an airfare deal in the beginning of July and also at the beginning of August. These fares are being priced as low as $525 for roundtrip tickets and is for travel to Maui, Kauai and the Big Island. If you looking to get these rates you need to go to the websites of Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines to try and find the price. These rates aren’t available for every day so you may have to do some searching. Remember that for the cheapest rates you want to travel on the weekdays and avoid any major holidays like the 4th of July. If you don’t see your city listed don’t worry as more discounted Summer fares on airfare to Hawaii should be coming out soon we are told.

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