Thing To Do Oahu: Parasailing
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Thing To Do Oahu: Parasailing

We took a friend parasailing over Maunalua Bay, off Hawaii Kai, for her birthday.  From a dock in Hawaii Kai Marina, we were taken to a boat already carrying parasailors. When you get there they make you watch a video for your safety which helped assure us that we would be safe.

When we got on, they got off. Then we had to put on our gear. A pair at a time, we were first…

A few dips in the water first (though I’m sure you can ask them not to do it), then up, up and away. If are looking for a fine activity to do in Hawaii that is a lot of fun and adventurous, you need to try parasailing.

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The view from the top, you really can’t beat the views from up here!

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