Discover The Friendly Isle

Molokai vacations to “The Friendly Isle” have much to offer – it’s actually the most Hawaiian island in the chain, with so many native Hawaiians making their homes here. Here you can tour nut farms, find some of the best scuba and snorkeling in the islands and even check out Phallic Rock (always a fun photo opportunity!) Explore coconut groves, lay on Papohaku Beach and dig your toes in the sand.

Relaxation and Rejuvenation Await

This isle isn’t known as “The Friendly Isle” for nothing – its laidback atmosphere, warm sands and rich culture make it a great place to unwind. Leave the rental car behind and hop on a tour bus, weaving in and out of miles and miles of pristine beaches, nut and coconut farms. Tours of the Eastern side of Molokai are scenic and slow, a great way to spend the day.

Live Like a Hawaiian

So much of Hawaiian culture is alive here, making Molokai vacations the best when you want to get away from it all, back to a simpler time, a better time. Enjoy delicious foods native to the islands, colorful drinks and beautiful people that are happy to see you every time you come. Just ask around and people will tell you what you can do with yourself on the island – from taking tours, hopping on a boat to Lanai for a day trip or even which clubs are the best to visit.

If you’d like to know more about what taking a trip to Molokai has to offer you, contact us today!

Molokai Hotels

The Lodge and Beach Village at Molokai Ranch – Maunaloa

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