Looking for the perfect Hawaii wedding

Looking for the perfect Hawaii wedding

Hawaii WeddingAs you may know, Hawaii is a great spot to get married. Beautiful locations and great weather, Hawaii provides an amazing backdrop for a wedding. I myself got married in Hawaii about 6 years ago and it was the best place for us to get married. We got married in a little chapel just outside of Waikiki and held the reception at one of the hotels on the beach. We thought about having the ceremony on the beach like a lot of couples do but we decided on getting married in a church.

For our wedding one of the things that made it difficult for us was the fact that we weren’t in Hawaii to actually plan it. So what we did was hire a wedding planner who was able to help us out. We wanted to make sure that we had someone with a lot of experience in planning weddings in Hawaii and someone that could give us some suggestions. We had a general idea on what we wanted but we needed someone to make it happen. One of the first things we took care of when planning our wedding was making sure we booked enough rooms in the same hotel for all of our guests. It was really important to us that everyone stayed in the same spot so we could all have a good time together. We stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, which is on the beach, and also had our reception here as well. The Hilton is a really romantic spot and they even have their own wedding chapel if you want to get married here. The Hilton has staff in place that can help with the planning of the wedding and was able to help us with the catering as well as the decorations for the reception. We didn’t want to go overboard and instead stuck with something simple. For the entertainment at our wedding, we went with a local band who played some Hawaiian music. I thought this was appropriate since we were in Hawaii and wanted to have that overall feel.

The wedding as a whole was a success and I think everyone that attended had a good time. We are thinking about going back to Hawaii for our 10 year wedding anniversary and stay at that Hilton Hawaiian Village again. You only get married once and I’m so glad that we decided to get married in Hawaii.

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