Top Spots in Hawaii for Surfing During the Winter

Top Spots in Hawaii for Surfing During the Winter

Hawaii Winter SurfingExperienced surfers know that Hawaii is probably one of the best spots in the world when it comes to surfing. To properly describe Hawaii in a surfer’s mind, it is definitely a surfing haven. Did you know that big wave surfing actually originated in this paradise?

Hawaii has many crystal-clear and pristine beaches since it composed of many islands. The swells and waves in the area can go from six to thirty feet at times. This is the very reason why we have listed the top surfing spots to go to during wintertime. You will surely have the best surfing experience possible in the following beaches and bays.

1. Honolua Bay-Located in Maui, this is the very first item on our list of best surfing spots during winter. It is a beautiful type of reef and point bay. The bay is known for its big waves that are truly enticing for surfers. In addition to this, the waves in the area are very reliable and consistent during winter months.

2. Hanalei Bay Beach- Second on the list is this beach in Kauai. It is located in one of the oldest islands in the whole of Hawaii. If you want a picturesque view while surfing, this is the best surfing spot for you. In addition to this, the beach is over 2 miles long so you and your family will surely enjoy a very fun beach bonding. It is one of the best beaches in the United States and is popular for its big and beautiful waves.

3. North Shore- The next surfing spot we have is North Shore in the Island of Oahu. There is always an increase in surfing activities during winter in this place because of bigger waves originating from the swells in the Pacific region. In the North shore, there are three most popular surfing spots in the area namely Banzai Pipeline, Waimea bay and the Sunset beach.

These are just some of the best surfing spots in Hawaii during winter. Just make sure that if you are not an experienced surfer, ask for the help of a trainer as much as possible. You can also get surfing lessons if you want to. Surfing is a unique and adventurous way to bond with your friends and family. To make the experience more memorable, visit the surfing spots we have listed above. We are sure that you will enjoy each minute of your time in the water. Happy surfing!

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