Planning the Best Gay Hawaii Vacations

If you’re trying to find out how to plan the best gay Hawaii vacations, you’ve come to the right place! Here we’re talk about the best gay friendly Hawaiian islands and resorts, so let’s get started.

The Big Island

The Big Island, or just Hawaii, is a great place to start! This gay friendly island is rich in nuts (oh my!), coffee and orchids – with its beautiful fertile landscape it’s the ideal place to romp and frolic every month of the year. Known for its waterfalls, white and black sand beaches, and volcanoes you’ll have everything you need to have a great time.


Most Hawaiians live here on Oahu; here you’ll find the vibrant gay nightlife in Honolulu, the oh-so sunny shores on the southern part of the island, world class surfing, scuba and snorkeling, the white sand beaches are to die for. This island is most definitely the most gay-friendly, and you’ll have your choice of relaxing and partying


Imagine watching the sunrise or sunset from 10,000 feet up with your partner, looking over the world lain at your feet. In the summer it’s a beautiful paradise, in winter playground for whales and social events too.


Take a helicopter out over Waimea Canyon or relax on Kauai’s tranquil, peaceful beaches. One of the quietest islands in the Hawaiian chain this is a great fit if you’re looking for more laid back, quiet gay Hawaii vacations. Not the best place to party, but you can ride a bicycle just about everywhere, enjoying the ocean air.

Planning the best gay Hawaii vacations is about understanding what you find fun and making it happen! Like any other destination, you’ll want to find the hotspots and places that suit your needs best; for example: if you want to party picking Kauai might not be the best idea.

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