Finding last minute Hawaii travel deals

September 11, 2012

When traveling to Hawaii, it is always better to try and book your vacation as early as possible to try and get the best prices. Hawaii is known for having high prices on airfare and hotel and the sooner you get it, the more likely you can find better prices. There are times though when you find out at the last minute that you have some vacation time and want to take a trip to Hawaii and need to look for some last minute travel deals. Well there are some ways travelers can find some good last minute travel deals to Hawaii.

One of the first things you can do to help find a last minute deal to Hawaii is looking at sites that focus on selling last minute travel deals. If you are looking for a hotel deal, I recommend trying out the mobile app Hotels Tonight. This app helps you find pretty good deals on last minute hotels. Other sites that I recommend you check out are LastMinute, Traveloni and Kayak which all specialize in helping travelers find the best deals.

Another way you can find the best deal on travel to Hawaii is by having flexible travel dates. Being able to leave during the weekdays instead of the weekends can help you find better prices on both hotel and air. For a recent trip my husband and I took, we traveled from Tuesday to Monday and was able to find a great rate on both air and hotel. Another tip that can help you find a last minute deal to Hawaii is by embracing early morning flight or red eyes. A lot of the times people like to travel during the afternoons which means the prices are higher for these flights. By taking flight times people don’t like to take. you should be able to find better prices on airfare. Most airlines offer red eye flights from Hawaii back to the mainland so you should consider these. Also don’t be afraid of flights with a lot of stopovers as usually you can find a better price on these types of flights as airlines are looking to fill up these seats.

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