Four Must See Kauai Sites for the Action Adventure Buff

December 7, 2012

Wailua Valley KauaiWe’ve already talked about some great things you can do while vacationing in Maui, but another Hawaiian island you may consider for your trip is Kauai. Of all the islands in Hawaii, Kauai is not only the oldest, it is probably the most awesome. Sure, this island might have its downsides, like roving gangs of wild chickens, but looks can be deceiving. Kauai, despite its pastoral scenery, natural attractions and breathtaking beaches has some action-packed adventures that await the thrill seeker. Check out these destinations to make the most of your adventure vacation. (more…)

Finding last minute Hawaii travel deals

September 11, 2012

When traveling to Hawaii, it is always better to try and book your vacation as early as possible to try and get the best prices. Hawaii is known for having high prices on airfare and hotel and the sooner you get it, the more likely you can find better prices. There are times though when you find out at the last minute that you have some vacation time and want to take a trip to Hawaii and need to look for some last minute travel deals. Well there are some ways travelers can find some good last minute travel deals to Hawaii. (more…)

Does Hawaii offer All Inclusive Packages?

August 31, 2012

all inclusive waikikiA common question that I get asked by travelers who are looking to come to Hawaii for cheap is if there are any all inclusive packages. For those that have never heard of all inclusive packages, usually these are deals that include airfare, lodging, drinks, food and more at a discounted price. A lot of vacation destinations like Mexico and the Bahamas offer some great all inclusive deals, but Hawaii really doesn’t offer any. There are some all inclusive deals for a Hawaii vacation that usually includes hotel and some sort of food package, but it is no where near the type of packages you can see with other vacations. (more…)

What to look for in a Hawaii vacation

August 10, 2012

When planning a vacation to Hawaii, there are certainly things to look out for and things you will want to do. One of the most common questions people ask me in regards to planning there trip is where to begin. For your trip there are a lot of different places to begin and for me the first thing that I would recommend figuring out is which island do you want to visit. Each island has its own unique flavors and you need to decide which one is the right fit for you. If you are looking for more city life and night activities then Oahu might be the best option for you. If you are looking for something more laid back with less people on the beaches then Maui might be the best fit for you. The key is figuring out what type of vacation you want and then figuring out which island sounds the best to you. (more…)

Best Time to Travel to Hawaii

November 29, 2011

A lot of people have been asking me when is the best time to travel to Hawaii meaning when is it the nicest and also the cheapest. Well the best time to travel to me is either in February or October. During this time it is easy one of the least expensive because it is not during a peak season. Another good thing about it not being part of the peak season is the fact that the beaches are less crowded. If you were to come to Waikiki in say July, the beach would be completely full. During the non peak months like these hotels also offer a lot of special deals and rates to attract visitors so again you could find an all inclusive deal for not much. Another reason why I like the months of February and October is because it is also less humid. If you are not used to humidity then this could be the perfect time for you as the Summer months can get really warm and humid. If you are looking to travel to Hawaii and are looking for a great deal I highly recommend you checking out these months as you should find great rates on airfare, hotel and even car.