Allegiant Airlines Hawaii Airfare Deal

June 4, 2012

Just recently Allegiant Airlines announced a new class of service to Hawaii and they are trying to do their best to make some waves with some great airfare deals. Allegiant Airlines will begin service to Hawaii on November 26th 2012 and will be offering service from a lot of different locations. The locations include Montery, Las Vegas, Stockton, Fresno, Eugene, Bellingham and Santa Maria. You will notice that most of the airports are not the main hubs but by using smaller airports they can sometimes offer lowering prices on their airline tickets. For an introductory special, Allegiant Airlines is offering one way tickets from Montery to Hawaii for $199. (price includes taxes) For these new flights they will only be offering service once a week, most likely on Fridays, but could increase the amount of flights if they see strong demand.

With Allegiant Airlines soon to be offering service to Hawaii and most likely Southwest Airlines as well, we could see another price war as airlines compete to fill their seats. Whatever happens, the more flights that are being offered to Hawaii, it will most likely help vacationers find better deals on airfare.

How close is Southwest Airlines to offering service to Hawaii?

April 26, 2012

In the travel Hawaii industry one of the many questions I always hear that gets brought up constantly is will Southwest Airlines offer service to Hawaii. It has gotten to the point where some feel that it is an urban with people not knowing what to believe. In fact we’ve been talking about this subject for a while now on this very site. People have been talking about Southwest coming to Hawaii for years now but this week I got some insider information about whether they will be coming to Hawaii. Over the past couple of weeks Southwest Airlines has been talking to people working in the Hawaii travel industry to come work for them which can only mean that we are maybe getting closer to offering service to Hawaii. They wouldn’t be trying to hire people away from other companies now if they weren’t close. We hear they are trying to get some really good sales people to get their service started which I would guess to be soon. When Southwest enters the Hawaii travel market I expect to see some pricing wars between Southwest, Hawaiian Airline and Alaskan Airlines. Southwest will make it cheaper for people to buy airfare to Hawaii and the more seats that are sold to Hawaii the better the state of Hawaii will be since they heavily rely on travel to support their economy. If I had to guess when Southwest will be offering service to Hawaii I would say early next year. For now we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Hawaiian Airlines- Fukuoka, Japan Travel Deal

April 17, 2012

Just this week Hawaiian Airlines launched their new international service to Fukuoka, Japan. This is a direct flight and is one of a few new classes of service that Hawaiian will be launching this year. This Summer in fact Hawaiian Airlines is to begin non stop service to New York, which should be a great thing. With the launch of this new service Hawaiian is offering a deal to its Hawaiian Mile customers to help entice them to book airfare to Fukuoka. If you are a Hawaiian Airlines mile member, if you sign into your account now you get a $50 discount on airfare to Fukuoka. You must book your airfare from now until April 23rd and must travel between the dates of April-17 to December 31 2012. It is really great that Hawaiian is offering these new services as it will help bring in more people to Hawaii.

Hawaiian Airlines 36 Hour Airfare Sale

April 11, 2012

Hawaiian Airlines is currently having a special on airfare from Hawaii to the West Coast that will knock your socks off. This airfare sale will only last for 36 hours so if you are looking to travel to the West Coast I recommend getting to Hawaiian Airlines site as quickly as possible. For this sale you must travel to the West Coast which includes Oakland, San Diego, Phoenix, San Francisco and San Jose. You also must travel from now till May 24th. With this special on airfare you can get roundtrip tickets for $318, which is a great price. I’ve been looking at the fares around this time a couple of weeks ago and they were ranging in the mid $400’s. Like I mentioned before this deal will end soon so if you are thinking about traveling to the West Coast you should check out Hawaiian. This special price may already be sold out for certain dates so you dates of travel may need to be flexible.

Hawaii Airfare Deals to Kauai and the Big Island

February 14, 2012

For those of you living in the Bay Area and looking to visit on of the many beautiful Hawaiian islands but have been waiting for a great deal on airfare, well your wait is over. Alaska Airlines is offering airfare from the Bay Area, which includes Oakland and San Jose, to Kauai or the Big Island (must travel to Kona) for $139 each way. You must travel between the dates of March 10th to May 17th and so far most of the dates are available for this rate. This fares are unheard for Spring break so if you want to travel to Hawaii make sure you book your airfare as quickly as possible because these rates will sell out. If the rates on Alaskan Airlines are sold out Hawaiian Airlines is offering a similar deal for these dates but it is $25 more each way. When trying to book the Alaskan Airlines flights you will notice it says the price is $159 but you should see it lowered to $139 once you checkout. This really is a great deal and especially for Spring break. Usually during this time rates go up to $500 and sometimes as much as $800. Hopefully these low rates continue as more and more airlines move into the Hawaii travel market.