Best Time to Travel to Hawaii

November 29, 2011

A lot of people have been asking me when is the best time to travel to Hawaii meaning when is it the nicest and also the cheapest. Well the best time to travel to me is either in February or October. During this time it is easy one of the least expensive because it is not during a peak season. Another good thing about it not being part of the peak season is the fact that the beaches are less crowded. If you were to come to Waikiki in say July, the beach would be completely full. During the non peak months like these hotels also offer a lot of special deals and rates to attract visitors so again you could find an all inclusive deal for not much. Another reason why I like the months of February and October is because it is also less humid. If you are not used to humidity then this could be the perfect time for you as the Summer months can get really warm and humid. If you are looking to travel to Hawaii and are looking for a great deal I highly recommend you checking out these months as you should find great rates on airfare, hotel and even car.

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