Best Places to Eat on Maui
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Best Places to Eat on Maui

maui diningMaui is definitely a paradise. It is not only known for its breathtaking views and places, it is also a haven for food lovers because it is home to some of the best restaurants in the whole of Hawaii. Maui is a large island. It has a total area of 727.2 sq mi or 1,883 km2. When you come to Maui, you can be sure that the place does not only have an interesting and colorful culture, it also has a very wonderful cuisine. If you are in the area, you may want to feast and satisfy your palate on these recommended restaurants:

1. Sea House Restaurant
If you want to experience Hawaiian dining at its best, the best place to go is the Sea House Restaurant. Aside from the delicious entries on their menu, you will also be treated to the scenic view of the Napili Bay. The Napili Bay is said to be one of the most beautiful bays in Hawaii. The restaurant is located in Napili Kai Beach Resort. You can dine peacefully while enjoying the view of the bay. You may contact the restaurant by calling 808-669-1500.

2. Mama’s Fish House
If you want in a coconut grove to really feel the Hawaiian spirit, you may want to try Mama’s Fish House. They have an award-winning menu and very friendly staff. You will be able to eat different dishes from Island Prawns Polynesian to Grilled Kampachi Salad. You can be sure that everything they serve is fresh. You may contact the restaurant by calling 808- 579-8488.

3. Star Noodle
You don’t need to go to Japan just to taste some of the most delicious noodles. The authentic noodles in Star Noodles are truly unique. According to people who have experienced eating in the restaurant, Star Noodle is a hidden gem in Maui. You may contact the restaurant by calling 808-667-5400.

4. One Gelato
If you have a sweet tooth, then the best place to go is One Gelato. You can be sure that they only use fresh ingredients to make their products. Gelato is basically the Italian ice cream. You can choose from the different flavors available. You may contact One Gelato by calling 808-495-0203.

5. Buzz’s Wharf
Another food place you should not miss is Buzz’s Wharf. It is a family-run restaurant which serves American, Hawaiian and Tahitian foods. The restaurant has been open since 1967. The restaurant is very homey and it serves different unique and delicious dishes. You may contact the restaurant by calling (808) 244-5426.

If you are vacation in Maui, you may want to try the food places we have listed. You will surely enjoy the different dishes they have. Food trips are part of a true and authentic Hawaiian experience. If you are in Hawaii, you should enjoy not only their tourist’s spots, but also the cuisine which the locals are proud of.

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